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How do Mian Technicals Provide Tiling Services in Dubai?

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Method for Tiling at the wall:

Before tiling work makes sure that mortar mix, glue, shop drawings, grout, ceramic, tiles type, and color and method of application are acceptable. Make sure that materials are in original packaging. For smooth site construction activities it is important to process.

Method statement for Tiling at walls:

To cover the unevenness of the walls to make true vertical, apply a coat of plaster, concrete walls, and concrete block walls finished with tile. For tiling works plaster will be finished to have a strong key in rough order. Before the start of tiling work, the plaster curing period will be completed. To establish the position to ensure truly horizontal is the rows of tiles. Walls surfaces by approved adhesives shall be fixed approved sizes and tiles specified. Mixing of adhesives with the manufacturer’s recommendations will be strictly followed in accordance. Porter within two hours of mixing will be used at normal temperature. The initial set has taken place and the material will not be used after.

Thin adhesive walls:

Press tiles to give finished bed thickness with twisting. To the backs of drywalls apply a thin coat of adhesives to dry the background with a solid bed trowel.

Thick Bed Adhesive Walls:

Press tiles onto bedding to give finished bed thickness with twisting. To dry the background, apply a thick coat of adhesive over the whole back of each tile.

  • To obtain the required adhesion and level with a rubber mallet tamp the tile
  • To align vertical and horizontal joints with required spacing and spacers tile will be laid.
  • With shop drawings by the pattern to lay tile.
  • Established lines of the border.
  • Before the material is set with the damp cloth excessive adhesive will be removed.
  • For the true level and applied pressure vertical joints will be maintained plum.
  • Joints in fittings and wall tiles, after 48 hours edges of tiles will be routed with neat white or colored approved grout.
  • Using a sponge or a small piece of the small clothes between the tiles grout will be applied to the spaces.
  • Joints are 6mm deep and are free from debris and dust.
  • Fill joints and force grout incompletely to depth, leave free from blemishes, clean of surface, tool to and approved profile.
  • When joints are hard, rub the wall tiling with the cloth.
  • Keep contraction and control joints free of grout or mortar.
Control Joints:

Tiling should be protected from heat and inclement weather. After installing tiles do not saw-cut joints.

Tiling work Method For Floors:

Method of application, ceramic tiles type, and color, glue grout mix mortar, and shop drawings will be approved by Main Technicals.

  • Mian technicals delivered materials in original packaging.
  • For the final approval, a mockup will be arranged for floor tiles and walls.
  • For laying tiles of approved sizes will be used.
  • MEP clearance was obtained.
  • An authorized entry restricts the working area to prevent.
  • Tiled will be cleaned and brushed for the finished floor level.
  • All traces of loose particles must be removed.
Method Statement for Tiling at floors;
  • Between tiles and sanitary fittings, a silicon rubber sealant will be inserted.
  • Required thickness to the wall applies the adhesive.
  • With the help of rubber, mallet tiles should be placed according to the level in drawing and firmly.
  • After installation remove solid bearing tiles when tapped with a steel rod that gives a hollow sound in wet areas, tiles should be laid.
  • To prevent cooling of water particular care will be taken in wet areas.
  • Tiles should be cut neatly and grind rough on exposed edges around pipes.
  • With the dry clothes removed surplus materials.
Control Joints:

After installing designs don’t saw-cut joints. Mian Technicals continuous and without steps, joints to be true to the line. To keep the floor clean board walkways to avoid damage to floors will be used for traffic. Mian Technicals partially will be stripped and finished flush with sealant to the structure wall, movement joints will be required.


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