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You should always care what you feed your pets, as a loving and responsible owner. For your health as well as for your pet’s health you should make sure to choose the best products. Pets are like our kids. With a pet, life is better for many people. Painting for a legged friend can cause trouble and make your home a lot messier.

Choose pet-friendly paint to keep their animals off their mind.

The Dangers of Paint for Pets:

Because of the mixture, they contain dangerous chemicals to our four-legged friends, which include volatile organic compounds and solvents. Toxic gases chemicals can dreadfully affect pets. On the health of our pets, paints have a disastrous effect.

In extreme cases, symptoms of skin irritation to the eyes full body hair loss can become pets dizzy or dazed.

Enter Toxic-Free Tints:

Mian technicals select a non-toxic product and check the label. Natural ingredients formulas are made from essential oils, water, and plant dyes. Mian technicals provide paint services in Dubai recommend a product line that has zero volatile organic compounds.

Go for a Stain Proof Color:

Mian technicals are painting your room in every color you want. Firstly, to show smudges colors like bright, blue, red, and green. If you go for a darker tone, the main technicals recommend a natural shade like brown, olive, and charcoal. These tones will blend scratches and smudges.

The Right Finish Makes All the Difference:

Amount of luster that comes from claws, Caws, and tails. To our smudges, smarty finishes, and semi-gloss.

Look For a Pet-Friendly Primer:

Mian technicals make sure the primer choice is free of harsh chemicals and with no bad smell. Mian technicals use a high-quality primer for the paint.

Check for Chemical:

Mian technicals check the ingredient list for paints, primers, and finishes. In most typical paints main technicals have a huge variety of ingredients.

Ethyl acetate
Methylene chloride.

Volatile organic compounds as they dry give a harsh smell that can damage your pet’s health. Only purchase non-toxic, zero VOC, and no order.

Turn to ECOS:

Mian technicals use pet-friendly paint and you will be comfortable with your choice. Without a hitch, main technicals have zero VOC paint and primer pet-friendly that allows projects to run.

Safety Measures if you can’t use pet-friendly paint:

Pets try to eat anything which could cause them harm, so keep all decorating products from accidentally ingesting out of reach to stock.
Away from any potential danger, find someone for your pets during the painting process to look after.
To remove toxic gases ensure you are painting ventilated.
If your pet comes down with any symptoms go to the vet immediately.

Pet-friendly paints for wall and ceiling

Mian technicals recommend water-based paints from our ranges and earth borne. They are very very low VOC levels.

30 grams per liter for waterborne paints.
30 g/l for solvent-borne paints.

These are wallpaper wash paints, for using living areas, these products have a special recommendation.

Mian technicals recommend Earthborn clay paint if you don’t need your wall to be washable.

Pet-friendly finishes for wooden doors and trim:

For new wooden doors and want to varnish them the maximum VOC level for products are:

400 g/l solvent-borne finishes.
130 grams per liter for waterborne finishes.

A general guide to painting with pets in the house:

Open tins of paints keep away from pets.
If your pet gets any paint on their feathers, fur, and poses immediately wash off.
Before using the product, always read the safety data sheets.
Always choose the lowest VOC paints.

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