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Paint is the primary and common thing in renovation projects. The types of paint are essential to select for each application. Painting is it enhances the look of walls it protects them from rain, external factors, insects, and solar radiation. It is easy to keep clean and safe. Good paint has advantages.

It is not harmful.
Its drying period is not long.
Application without cracking.
Forming durable coating.
It is not affected by the weather.

Types of Paints

Oil paint

Oil paints are usually applied in three coats, a white lead base, undercoat, primer, and finish coat. Oil-based paint is durable but takes a long time to dry. When they are used for external walls they take time to dry, give better coverage, and are easy to clean. On walls, windows, doors and also metal objects you can use this paint.

Enamel Paint

This is a form of glossy and hard coating. It is easy to clean and durable, waterproof chemically resistant, has good coverage, and color retention, and is very long-lasting. It has been produced by adding lead or zinc to varnish. To achieve vibrant colors pigments are added. It requires a titanium coating before applying.

Cement Paint

It is used in rough internal and external surfaces it is available in powder form. To achieve paint consistency is mixed with water. It is durable and waterproof. Cement paint takes 24 hours long dry time. It applies in two coats to prevent dampness issues.

Bituminous Paint

This is made from dissolved asphalt or tar. It is in black color. This paint is not suitable in sunlight as it deteriorates, it is waterproof and alkali-resistant. Iron pipes provide rust resistance and are also used underwater, in ironworks, on wooden surfaces, and on concrete foundations.

Aluminum Paint

It is produced by mixing aluminum particles with oil varnish. It is weather exposure corrosion-resistant and electricity also. It is used on wood, metals, gas tanks, water pipes, and oil tanks.

Anti-Corrosive Paint

It is made from linseed oil, zinc chrome, and fine sand. It is chemical resistant. It is used for metallic pipes and surfaces. It is black in color and it is affordable and durable.

Synthetic Rubber Paint

It can include pigments and dissolved synthetic resins. It is chemical resistant, weather resistant, and fast-drying and this includes fresh concrete.

Cellulose Paint:

It is made from celluloid sheets., photographic, films, and amyl acetate. It can be easily cleaned and washed after the paint dries. It is commonly used in cars and airplanes. It dries quickly, it has water acids and smoke resistants. It is expensive.

Plastic Paint:

It is available in a vast range of colors. It is used as a thinner. It dries very fast and gives high coverage. It is used on walls, ceilings, showrooms, display rooms, slabs, and decks.

Silicate Paint:

It is heat resistant, adhesive, hardness, and metals with chemicals unreactive. It is produced from silica and resinous substances. It is used in metal structures.

Casein Paint:

This paint is produced from a casein mixture with white pigments. It is used to paint walls, wood, and ceilings. It is available in water and paste form.

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