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If you have kids in the house then you know how kids mess the wall, draw on the wall, etc. Mian technicals tell some tips for shining walls.

Wipe your walls with a damp cloth periodically:

Before wiping your wall with your solution check it in the small paint drawing because if the solution is not working it’s destroyed your wall. After checking, wipe your wall with a damp cloth.

Swap out regular colors, crayons, and paints around the house with washable ones:

If you have naughty kids and they always dirty the wall. Then use one tip: you buy washable marker crayons for kids.

Don’t push your furniture right up to the walls:

Always make a distance in your furniture from the wall. Because it makes a mark and hope in the wall. To avoid this.

Use high-quality paint:

Mian technicals always use the best quality paint. We give a post on paint colors and paint qualities you will check on our website.

Keep an eye out for scruffs and scratches on the wall:

Stain on the wall from hanging pictures, kids’ drawings, dirty stains, etc. But we can cover and remove it easily.

Interior designs and paint colors can change the mood. Splashes of bold color paint can make a statement. Make your projects beautifully learn how to properly paint, follow the below steps.

Preparing does make a difference:

If you paint your living room, as much as possible empty out the room, large pieces of furniture cover them with drop cloths.

A very important step is oils, dust, and dirt from your hands there is build-up on the walls. Removing the adhesive to the walls. Also, you should fill with spackling, in any nail holes or cracks, adjacent walls as well as a tape of outlet covers, light switches, and window trim. To cover the floor, use a roll of paper, newspaper, or a drop cloth.

Before painting to prep a room it is very important and also filling nail holes includes covering furniture.

Test the paint color:

A good idea is to buy a sample if you have a color in mind and to determine what will look on your walls.

Observing the color in the daytime and night allows the paints to dry. What the color will look like on your walls will give you a true idea. Before you commit to a paint color be sure to test out the color swatches.

Painting a room allow color into your life:

To create a specific feeling in the room try a few different colors and don’t let a fear of colors make you beige white, or off white. Add dark colors depth to the space, if the room is large with high roofing. On the other hand, brighter colors can open up the space if you have a small one with no natural lights. Don’t be afraid to add some colors, color can be fun.

Paint can be changed:

Making over a room paint is an expensive option. You can easily paint over it if you don’t like the color.

Mian technicals provide paint and other services in Dubai at a low cost. If you want to book us then contact us on WhatsApp our number is given below.

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