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Water comes from through the pipe and it’s cool depending on the season. If you want to take the hot water to wash the dishes, take a shower then you need to buy a water heater.

Most of the water heaters are available in homes. The old water heater looks like the shape of a cylinder, drum. But now the new water heaters come in stylish and different styles.

Inside under the Water Tank.

Tank: Inside the water heater is a heavy metal tank that holds 40 to 60 gallons which is 151 to 227 liters of hot water which is 50 to 100 pounds. Heavy metal tank covered with polyurethane foam.
Dip tube: water comes through to the water heater with the top of the heavy metal tank and then water comes hot.
Shut-off valve: The shut-off valve is an outside component of the water heater; it helps to don’t water from flowing out from the water heater.
Heat-out pipe: heat out a pipe is also top of the tank it’s allowed to throw out the hot water from the water heater.
Thermostat: thermostat means it is a thermometer of a water heater some devices have each part thermometer.
Heating mechanism: electric water heaters have one electric element inside the heavy metal tank and the water heater has a burner.
Drain valve: drain valve helps to remove the tank from the bottom to replace the elements. It’s located at the bottom of the water heater.
Pressure relief valve: This element is a safety element because it keeps the pressure inside the water heater.
Sacrificial anode rod: This element is made of magnesium or aluminum. It helps to retard corrosion in the water heaters.

Now time to see how these all elements work together to get the hot water.

Heating the Water:

Inside the water heater, there is one heavy metal tank that holds the line which is between 40 to 60 gallons 151 to 227 liters. Caution: If kids are in the house when your pressure Is on the lower range because when pressure is high then water is too hot and when the child opens the tap the water is hot and the hand is burning.

Set the temperature to save energy. If you go on vacation or somewhere, usually your energy is saved.

The dip tube works with the cold water and it’s located at the end of the tank. The heat-out pipe is located at the top of the tank. It helps to remove the hot water from the tank. The thermostat is the thermometer of the water heater and other types of water heaters have all elements thermometers. We prefer you buy the new version of the water heater.

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