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Wallpaper Services:

Wallpaper is better than paint services. In wallpaper installation, it has not had too much mess like in paint services. Wallpaper installation makes your house more beautiful. You need to choose a beautiful pattern with your choice.

Bathroom and kitchens:

A bathroom is a small place but wallpaper makes your small bathroom into a beautiful bathroom. In the kitchen, Main Technicals prefer to add wallpaper into a cabinet to give the change look.

Bathroom Cabinets:

Most cabinets are only in the kitchen but you add some cabinets in your bathroom for your important things and cabinets make the bathroom like a spa room or oasis room.

Living & Dining Rooms:

Living and dining rooms are most important because most people gather in these rooms. You make your living room and dining room more beautiful and unique. Mian technicals make your living and dining room design eye-catching and awesome.

Step by Step Instructions:

Mian technicals workers install wallpaper professionally because they are fully trained. If you do not have a proper tool that means you damaged your wall. We give some steps:

Remove the old wallpaper
Prepare your wall.
Measure your wall
Cut the wallpaper according to your wallpaper.
Apply glue to the wall
Mark the line and paste the one piece of wallpaper.
Smooth the surface.
Trim the wallpaper and remove the extra materials.
And repeat the same process.

This process means it’s a lot of work. But Mian Technicals workers complete their work fastly and properly. You can trust our workers. We can provide services within your budget.

Some difficulties with wallpaper installation.:

Some people try to install wallpaper. But unfortunately, the wallpaper is not installed properly.


Measure the walls
After applying the glue it’s difficult to install wallpaper because the wallpaper has burst.

Good Quality Wallpaper:

Vinyl wallpaper including sheet vinyl, solid, vinyl-coated fabric, vinyl-coated paper.
Easy walls wallpaper
Grasscloth wallpaper
Nonwoven wallpaper.

Things used to remove old wallpaper.

Putty knife

Things to remove the traditional wallpaper:

Spray bottle
Wallpaper stripper
Paint roller
Putty knife
Rubber gloves

Mian technicals workers expert sports in all things, they also clean all mess after the wallpaper installation. We can install wallpaper in your budget. Mian technicals always try their best to make the customers happy. Mian technicals provide services in Dubai. We give a post on our website in which we tell how to remove wallpaper.

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