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Looking for your Bathroom Renovation Services?

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How to Renovate a Bathroom?

For main technicals, a bathroom renovation is an easy way. Before work, you should take measurements for an open shower and plan out your bathroom renovation step by step.

Bathroom Makeover Design:

There are so many variations to bathroom makeover design. According to your vision and skill set, you should settle on a new design.

You need to nail it down before start bathroom remodeling, here are a few designs:

New fixtures: These fixtures will add to your project’s time and budget. Replace your shower, tub, and a new sink.
Colour Scheme: Mian technicals make sure new bathroom tiles don’t clash with your paint choice.
Storage Spaces: To expand the bathroom, remove a closet, and also cabinets for the storage space in your bathroom.

Essential Tools And Supplies for a Diy Bathroom Renovation:

Gloves, Safety mask, Goggles, Hammer, Caulking gun, Silicon, sealant, Tape measure, Spackle knife, Spackle, Chalk line, Power drill, Wrench, Screwdriver, Hacksaw, Utility knife, Extension cord, ChiselBucket, Prybar

Few Optional Tools:

Cordless Drill: For other power tools making it easy to move around and frees up extension code.
Wet-dry Shop-Vac: Removing the toilet or other fixtures in case of any water skills.

Steps To Remodel A Bathroom:

Bathroom Fixtures: Bathroom renovation is not all that hard for renovating a bathroom you will start removing any fixtures and drywall. Here are a few steps during the bathroom renovation:

Tips for Gutting a Bathroom:

To avoid any unpleasant spills, start by talking and removing the toilet.
Remove the bath tile down to the studs, remove the bathtub and cover up the tub.
Wear a safety mask, goggles, and gloves on insulation, don’t use the hammer, use a reciprocating saw to cut out the panels.
Remove baseboards and reinstall, remove cabinets, mirrors, floor tiles, and vanities you plan to replace.

Install New Shower or Tub Basin:

After gutting the bathroom, for a shower or tub replacement pick a new shower or tub basin that fits your new decor, as well as where your tub sets.

Shower Design Choices you have Three Choices:

  1. Square
  2. Rectangular
  3. Pentangle

Install New Fixture and Features:

You can install new lights and electrical fixtures. Adjust the wiring needed to renovate your bathroom. You should call an electrician, it should never work.

New Floor Tiles:

Use a chalk line to mark a reference line to the wall with the continuous line at a night-degree angle. This will keep your tiles in a straight line. Bathroom Renovation is incomplete without new floor tile.

Important Steps to Keep in Mind for Bathroom Renovation:

For the shower instead of drywall, use a cement wall.
To cover seams and filling gaps use drywall mud and tape.
To guard against water damage coat the cement boat with a waterproofing membrane.

Adding Some Colour To Your Bathroom, put your Walls back together. painting is an effective way to freshen up and look at the new bathroom.

Renovate your Bathroom in a Budget:

Bathroom renovating can be expensive and daunting. Mian technicals provide paint services in Dubai bathroom renovation on a budget-friendly DIY your bathroom and makeover a stylish beautiful bathroom. Mian technicals have amazing budget-friendly taps, showers are available at affordable prices.

If your bathroom has a wooden store, you can replace it with a tile. Wooden floors can save time and money in a low-cost way. Without replacing the vanity used to make a sink sparkle. Installing a new sink and cabinets. Before buying the new cabinets, make sure screw alignment matches up with the holes on the cabinets. For new holes, there is a need to drill.

Finishing Touches:

Main technicals provide paint services in Dubai to create a subtle and stylish finish to the bathroom. They enhance the overall look with lighting towels, rails, mirrors heated, and other accessories.


We use toxic-free and harmless high-quality paints to make your home look spotless. Quality is our number one priority. To give each customer the best possible results, we use only the best.


Our experienced painters work selectively, making sure that not an inch of the area to be painted is left out. They work skillfully and make sure you get exactly what you want.


To make it more convenient for customers, Mian Technicals offer a free estimate. Give us a call, describe your requirements, and our team will provide you with a quote after a site visit. Our experts will suggest the most affordable options depending on your needs, and you will indeed have a pleasant experience with us.