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When kids are in the house it’s very difficult to do any work in the house because kids are very naughty and tease too much. When they are going to school you have the perfect time to do any work at home.

When kids have summer vacations. Kids play too much on vacations, that’s why the house condition is bad. When kid’s vacations are finished now it’s time to transform your home into a good condition. Start from the kid’s room first fix the bookshelves, wardrobes, change the decorations, and also add some toys and a small swing on The balcony for the winter vacations.

Next, check the AC because it’s summer season which means too much heat, and whether the AC is working or not. If AC is not working we give some ideas of AC services on our website.

When school starts that means the season is changing. When the season is changing kids are sick because of germs and other dirty things. Mian technicals recommended that you clean the AC daily because when AC is dirty it means there are too many bacteria, fungi, etc. And you know covid 19 is such a dangerous bacteria so it’s time to please save your family and take care of your health.

After cleaning the kid’s room next is the parents’ room. Parents’ health is also important because they take care of kids. Father is going to work for money and mom is cooking for the kids ‘ health. First, clean all the extra things from the room and then vacuum the room. After vacuuming, change the paint or install the wallpaper that you want. The next step is to place the furniture on the place and then place a new bed sheet, change the cushions, new decorations, etc. When parents’ rooms are also done.

Next is a living room and dining room. Living and dining rooms are important because most guests sit in the living or dining room. Mian technicals try their best to make them special and unique rooms.

Now time to transform a garden into a trendy garden. Add a table chair, swing is very trendy in the garden. For kids, we add some slides and some other swings in the garden. Grow some beautiful flowers, trees or fruit trees, greenery in the garden looking natural or beautiful.

Mian technicals provide paint and other services in your budget. Mian technicals workers are very professional and fully trained. Contact us on WhatsApp. Our number is given below.

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