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A fresh coat of paint you want to give your home. Identify the issues, and can be hard breaking. 7 solutions on 7common paint problems. Why appear the reasons, list below seven common paint problems and the seven solutions to prevent them.


Blistering is caused by high humidity, heavy rainfall, or direct sunlight. As a result, blistering applying paint recoating quickly or a damp surface. It is caused by moisture.

How to take care of blistering:

Avoid painting imperfect conditions such as hot summer sun or heavy rainfall. Prevention is better than cure. Moisture is a problem and the best solution is before the paint application makes sure your surface is free of moisture and dry.


Yellowing can be caused in places with low sunlight. It is best to avoid these areas using oil-based paint or alkyd. In this situation, acrylic paints are best.

How to take care of Yellowing:

Acrylic paints are the best solution. Use high-quality acrylic paints. Avoid alkyd paints; they appear yellowing in areas from sunlight.


High levels of pigment extenders by cheap paints chalking can be caused. Before painting, if you don’t seal a porous surface, chalking can occur.

How to take care of chalking:

Where you want to paint the surface before starting to remove all the dirt and be sure to clean. Use the best quality paint. Main technicals remove the paint by scrubbing with a trisodium phosphate cleaning solution.

Mud Cracking:

Mud cracking may be caused by applying thick paint to cover up a porous surface using low-quality paint, which causes the problem.

How to take care of Mud Cracking:

Mian technicals remove the affected coating by sanding and scraping. As a base, they repaint the primer. Mud crack appears with low oil-based paint, low great alkyd. Mian technicals have a high content of total suspended solids, the consistency of acrylic paint which reduces mud cracking.


A lot of moisture directs sunlight, or is poorly ventilated, or lacks mildew. Mildew is a fungus that is in grey, brown, black, and green spots on the surface. Bacteria contained in low-quality paint can increase the chance of mold.

How to take care of Mildew:

Mian technicals use white vinegar to kill the mold spores and scrub the effective area. Apply a primer coat of stain blocking.


Between a coating and a substrate apply paint directly to high moisture, dusty and dirty walls. By loss of em, adhesion can be caused by peeling. Peeling is a very common problem.

How to take care of peeling:

Mian technicals repainted with the top quality of paint and cleaned all loose paints and smooth out the effective areas by sanding.


Without letting the first coat dry properly, application of the setting coat causes wrinkling. The surface appears from the skin.

How to take care of wrinkling:

Mian technicals give enough time to dry the first coat if the weather is too cold or too hot there would be a need for extra drying time. Mian technicals remove the affected coating by sanding and scraping.

Higher main technicals professional painters can handle these problems by using an experienced professional team to avoid these problems.

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