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How Mian Technicals Renovating the basement:

Basement remodeling and renovations are important ways to make your house more beautiful. Basement is the unpleasant part of the house but Mian technicals remodel and renovation the basement of your choice.

Importance of Light:

In a basement, natural light will shine less naturally into the room. Windows and doors can get sunlight in the morning. Mian technicals build windows and doors safely without disturbing the structure of the home.

Choose the light color:

Choose the light color that will keep the room bright and will reflect sunlight. You can go with white and creamy for the basement and also you can go with a grey or light blue to look great.

Reducing Noise:

Sound travels such as television or play music can add to the noise problem through the timber in the ceiling. The basement is used as an entertainment room. To reduce noise main technicals add a double air of drywall and install in the ceiling sound insulation.

Tips of Successful Basement Renovation:

To add value to your home basement renovation is a great way. Here are some tips for a successful basement renovation:

Know What You Want First:

Mian technicals give the best advice to know what you want first, you should estimate. Basement is a big project, drywalling the exterior walls, framing there can be a large difference in between.

The first step is to think about for your planning what you want:

Use a moisture meter
Install beautiful flooring
Recommend LED pot lights, hanging lights, or ceiling flush mount lights.
Illumination for building design

There are many ways to make the higher ceiling
Existing structure beams replace or raise
Dig out the lower and existing floor
Impede your living space that could reroute ducting

Avoid ceiling fans if your home does have low roofings for flush mount fixtures install recessed lights.

Smart Move:

A waterproof basement will take up zero headroom, throughout your basement renovation installing vinyl sheet flooring. For sub great areas the average flooring option is a durable option.

Electrical Requirements:

Mian technicals use copper pipes, PVC, or Polyethylene for ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. Mian technicals are aware of his planning the project.


Water can destroy the basement and a perfect plan. So, you need to install a sump pump.

LED, Fluorescent, or Incandescent:

For multiple uses consider LEDs with remote control, to save energy choose hot, cool, and warm LED, Fluorescent, or Incandescent lights.

Drainage Requirements:

The main house drain goes to the street as a way to lift solid and liquid waste. In your basement, build a full bathroom with a shower.

Safe Room for a Basement:

In an emergency, a safe Room can keep your family safe. Before basement finishing, Mian technicals built before, to locate a safe room finished a basement is an ideal place.

Flooring Options:

Mian technicals decide the food-prep area to make easy cleaning, tile in the bathroom, carpet everywhere. In the winter they consider in-floor heat if you want.


Radon is produced by decaying uranium. It is a colorless, odorless, and radioactive gas. It is found in the air with very low levels we breathe every day. It is present in all soils. High levels of radon can cause lung cancer.

Finishing Basement Idea:

Mian technicals will give you peace of mind and the best-finished basement idea. They play a good role and will make it eye-catching and stunning.

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